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About us

Software development company that in order to expand its capacities, establishes a cooperation relationship with companies specialized in Radio Frecuency Identification Devices (RFID).

Focus our Software Development experience to create and integrate solutions that use identification through the radio frecuency technology (RFID)

Grupo PaXe uses RAIN RFID technology from Impinj and apply it correctly to create tailored solutions, resulting in efficient software tools, helping to detect and identify physical objects.

Our values

  • Total corporate loyalty to the company
  • Personal relationships based on cordiality, trust, tolerance and mutual respect
  • Our pragmatic approach to business allows us to reject absolute truths, because ideas are provisional and subject to change as a result of continuous research
  • Be responsible and take pride in contributing to the reputation and good results of the company
  • Make the products developed safe, efficient and structurally well designed
  • Maintain accounting books and honest records in all areas of the company
  • Do not trade insider trading


  • Our goal is to help in the integration of wireless technologies to traditional systems to improve controls within the company. We rely on radio frequency technology (RFID), to implement control of the presence of objects and people within the company
  • To meet our goal we must go beyond the traditional, and create smart solutions for industry, government and commerce


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Grupo PaXe S.A.


RFID technology (RAIN RFID)

April 2, 2019

What is RFID?

  • It is a remote data storage and retrieval system that uses a series of devices to identify objects or people
  • The fundamental purpose of RFID technology is to transmit the identity of an object (similar to a unique serial number) using radio waves
  • It is an automatic identification system that allows to verify movement or presence of fixed assets, vehicles, people, containers, animals, agricultural products
  • RAIN RFID is a wireless technology that connects billions of everyday items to the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing consumers and businesses to identify, locate, authenticate and commit each item. IoT applications require a data connection between the physical and the digital world, and RAIN RFID is the ideal technology to make these environments relate to the ability to provide a unique identification of everyday items


April 4, 2019

How RAIN RFID works with IoT

An IoT environment consists of intelligent devices enabled to be used as web services that use a diversity of integrated devices that allow to combine, send and react on the acquired data of the environment.

A thing in the internet of things can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and is able to transfer data over a network.

RAIN RFID adds intelligence to the IoT value chain and facilitates new applications for connected things. RAIN RFID is the only technology capable of providing a cost-effective and unique digital ID to everyday items.

RAIN RFID provides the ability to uniquely identify an individual item, identify and locate items without direct line-of-sight, quickly identify and read many items within a wide range.

What does RAIN RFID offer you?

  • Baggage Tracking
    • Optimize Baggage Handling Operations
    • Improve Passenger Experience
    • Enhanced Traveler Experience
    • Streamlined Security
  • Fixed Assets Tracking
    • Bank
    • Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Healthcare
    • Trading Companies
  • Supply Chain Automation
    • Real-Time Visibility
    • Improve Efficiency and Ensure Confidence
    • Increased Inventory Visibility
    • Error-free Loading
  • Electronic Vehicle Identification
    • Yards control
    • Parking lots
  • Traceability through the manufacturing process


Our software resolves needs of control and security using active/passive RFID tags, checking points, coordinators, and software that transmit data over a wireless network or by the institutional network points

  • Image Asset control
    To control all the assets of the company

    × Image

    Asset control

    • Records assets, users and locations
    • The solution tracks assets and records their location (reader ID) with EPC tag ID and timestamp. It works with all fixed readers that are supported
    • This solution tracks assets and keeps a history of all locations the asset has been seen. Tracking assets allows companies to increase asset utilization
    • User information (RFID badge) may be related to the asset (Endpoint)
    • Perform physical inventory of assets with smart devices
    • It is possible to restrict an asset to a specific area
  • Image People tracking
    To track staff, visitors and contractors within the company

    × Image

    People tracking

    • Records people and locations
    • Automatic updating of the inventory of staff, visitors and contractors, through the interrogation of the endponts over the network
    • This solution tracks staff, visitors and contractors, and keeps a history of all locations the endpoint has been seen.
    • It is possible to create zones with access restriction. This is a great help to monitor visitors and contractors.
  • Image Yards and ports
    Control and monitor any person or vehicle within a yard or port
    × Image

    Yards and Ports

    • Record containers, vehicles, assets, people and locations
    • Automatically updates the inventory of containers, vehicles, staff, visitors and contractors, through the interrogation of the badges over the network
  • Image WareHouse control
    Control the movement of merchandise within a warehouse
    × Image

    WareHouse control

    • Record MRO, containers, forklifts, staff and locations
    • Cyclical asset counting is done through mobile devices
    • Automatically monitors the inventory level of tagged items. You can set thresholds to send alerts when minimum stock levels are not met. All activities are reported in real time and the inventory movement is recorded
  • Our software was designed to work with all IMPINJ brand reading devices, as they are:

    • Speedway R700
    • Speedway R420
    • Speedway R220
    • Speedway R120
    • xPortal R640 Gateway
    • xArray R680 Gateway
    • xSpan R660 Gateway

RFID Technology

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    RFID Tags



  • Image Connectivity
    RFID Readers


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